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The Ladner Webb Fusion Group is intended to provide our customers with worldwide detailed information in several topics in fusion reactor R&D, white papers or abstracts, financing and business plan, list of profit and non profit fusion companies and government and universities fusion research and programs, and in books and journals in plasma fusion. We provide customized information searches and reports, giving our clients only relevant information on their specific needs. Our professionals are screened and the appropriate skill levels are matched with the clients’ needs for excellent economical results. Information protection is of great importance to the Group and great efforts are taken to insure our clients’ protection. Please contact us and we will join you in the efforts to reach your research goals.


Examples of potential organizations that could join our information network are:

  • Organizations that sell proprietary research white papers and reactor design information
  • Universities that are trying to upgrade or build their plasma fusion program or experiments
  • Those need design information to build a fusion reactor
  • Vendors who supply the fusion industry with products or services
  • Engineering design houses who provide design/construction proposals for the fusion industry
  • Those looking for fusion business plans or financial pro forma
  • Researchers looking for white papers
  • Researchers looking for report writing, library searches and other help
  • Corporations, non profits or universities looking to raise venture or funding
  • Venture Capital firms looking for fusion expertise for alternative analysis and technology viability

If your organization is in need for information research or technical writing, please Join Us now.

About Us

Roy Webb and Gregory Ladner hSave long appreciated the exciting technology and significance of plasma fusion as a carbon free emergy that has a potential to economically supply a limitless power source. Forming The Ladner Webb Fusion Group is their first investment into exploiting this new and exciting technology for the advantage of mankind. It is their interest that this group of information and writing professionals apply their skills to benefit fusion researchers, business professionals, politicians, university professors to find their information needed to accomplish their objectives.



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